The 2019 Holiday Season Style Guide

The 2019 Holiday Season Style Guide

The holiday season has begun and for the next month many of us have a full schedule. From work-related parties to the traditional get together with friends and family, you’ll need to dress appropriately as you mingle with the boss and trade stories with uncle Bob. Here’s how you can balance comfort, style and versatility.

Layers and fabrics. Whatever you are going to be doing, you want to be comfortable doing it. A big part of that is wearing clothing that doesn’t cause you to overheat, allows your skin to breathe and protects you from the elements. Both cotton and wool are time tested fabrics that when layered appropriately can help you make it through the holidays without freezing or breaking a sweat.

Cotton, the world most popular fabric, is what you want to wear close to your skin. Cotton dress shirt is the ideal choice for that. Wool (and other protein based fibers such as cashmere), on the other hand, does an excellent job of retaining heat; thus wool sport jacket or overcoat is an excellent choice. Cashmere or wool and cashmere blended outwear is also great for a fancier, more cold resistant festive attire.

Mix and match. Whether it’s the weather outside or the cake and wine inside, things can get a little messy. Leave the khaki’s or the velvety loafers at home and pick up a nice pair of dark trousers and leather shoes. And don’t forget about accessorizing too. Keep it simple with some classic cufflinks but feel free to “go crazy” with some color splashing pocket squares; this is, after all, all about celebrations.

From a casual get together to a formal cocktail event, whether you’re surrounded by friends and family or coworkers and clients – Hive & Colony can make you the best dressed man in the room. Create your custom-made festive attire this holiday season with our endless selection of premium fabrics, stylish designs and the perfect fit – guaranteed!

Stop by or book your complimentary consultation today! Happy Holidays!

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