The Right Vest Completes the Suit

Suit vests, or waistcoats, create depth and dimension in any outfit. The ideal waistcoat should bring the entire look together and create a sense of polish and refinement. With a custom suit vest, you can express your professionalism in business or turn up the style volume at a wedding or formal event. If you want to look put together for any occasion, it all starts with the perfect fit—something we guarantee at Hive & Colony.

Our Bespoke Process

Whether you wear a vest with or without a jacket, a snug fit is important. Your bespoke waistcoat needs to strike the perfect balance between too tight and too loose, so custom design is key. At Hive & Colony, we use 3D scanning technology to ensure we start the process with accurate measurements. From there, we work with you to choose the best textile to complement your suit and select the right finishing details, including the buttons.

Once fabrication is complete, we’ll fit your custom suit vest and make any necessary adjustments to achieve that ideal snug fit.

A Custom Experience

We believe that each bespoke waistcoat we create should be one-of-a-kind. That’s why our imported fabric collection includes over 500 choices. We source only the highest-quality textiles, and each type exudes luxury and sophistication. We can help you combine the right textures, colors, and details to custom-create something personalized and unique.

In addition to our top-of-the-line products, we take our service seriously. At each of our shops, we welcome every customer with warm hospitality and a passion to help you dress your best. Whether you come to us for a head-to-toe look or a stylish custom suit vest, we’ll take good care of you the moment you walk in.

Let us help you add the finishing touch to your formal attire. Schedule a consultation with Hive & Colony today—we have stores in Boston, New York, and New Jersey.